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Pipes (PP & FRP / PVC & FRP / PVDF & FRP / PTFE & FRP)

The Pipes are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 6mm dia. to 3000 mm dia. at length of 3000 mm in a single piece or upto continuous length by butt joint in a Composite made up or resin rich layer using Isophthalic Polyester, Bisphenol Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Derakane, Epoxies or Dual Laminate such as PP+FRP / PVC+FRP / PVDF+FRP / PTFE+FRP. The Composite Pipes are manufactured by Hand Lay-up and Filament Winding Process. The Filament winded pipes are generally used for higher pressure rating applications.
Pipe N Duct Pipes NPI BI 89
Pipe N Duct Pipes NPI BI 89
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